We meet all of our growers in person and form direct relationships with them. On our regular trips to tea farms we can see how the farmers grow their crops, their ways of processing the leaves, roasting the leaves and preparing the brew. It is fascinating how much attention and passion they put into making tea. They have spent years perfecting, using skills and methods that have been passed down through generations of their families, never compromising on commitment to fine quality tea. Each leaf and each crop is different, so they treat each batch as if cooking a meal – using eye, ear, nose, experience and some creative experimentation. Our goal is to bring out the best combination of man and nature in each leaf.

We scrupulously source tea that is: from camelia sinesis plant and all our tea purchases are traceable to the farm level. The teas we source are grown on the mountains of Taiwan, at high altitudes of 1000 – 2000 meters above sea level. A subtropical monsoon climate in the north and tropical monsoon climate in the south of the island, rainfall, sun and mild frost-free temperatures allow the plants to mature slowly and ensure the most flavor in each leaf.

The organic teas in our selection are hand-picked on mountain terraces and graded for excellence. They are grown using organic and sustainable methods and are traceable to the farm where their practices are documented for no pesticides, sustainability, natural fertilizers and compost.                                                   our sources