Ali Mountain Oolong

Ali Mountain Oolong

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Location: Ali Mountain (阿里山), Chiayi, Taiwan

Harvest: winter, November, 2016

Elevation: 1,300 m

Appearance: tight half-ball shape

Fermentation: (10%~15%)

Flavor: buttery, creamy

Aroma: floral-fruity

Liquor Color: light greenish-yellow color

Baking Degree: non-roasted



Ali Mountain Oolong Tea

Our Ali Mountain Oolong Tea comes from a high-altitude tea plantation in Ali Mountain (阿里山), Chiayi, Taiwan. The elevation of the plantation is 1,300 meters.

The tea has a rich buttery flavor with a floral-fruity aroma.  The leaves are tight half-ball shaped and have an even dark green color. The tea is partially fermented (10%~15%). The liquid is clear and bright and has a light greenish-yellow color.


Gong Fu (Chinese) Style

leaves  |  water  |  time

      6 g          150 ml 95°C     30 sec

* We advise you to rinse the leaves in the same temperature water for a few seconds before first infusion. This will help the leaves to open up and get ready for brewing.

Western Style

leaves  |  water  |  time

      6 g          150 ml 95°C     30 sec


Regardless the brewing style, you can re-steep tea and get many servings of tea from just one serving of leaves. If you are going to do so, be careful not to oversteep the tea.

We highly recommend using filtered water; do not use tap water. Water quality affects tea taste!

*  Use this guide just as a starting point and try different ways to get your best cup of tea.

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