Our tea story

Tea Crowns story began as a result of finding a passion and chance circumstances that Blanca and Viktor had over a span of five years in Taiwan.

After they met in 2015, Viktor did an internship at a company where his mentor on one occasion gave him a pack of tea. Until then they didn’t know much about Taiwanese tea neither had any interest in it. Still, the tea was so good that drinking tea became their daily routine. The passion for tea was born and ever since they have been diving deeper into the world of tea.

The first Couchsurfer they hosted in their home in 2016 was an awesome lady from Spain, Rosa. Impressed by the popularity of tea drinks in Taiwan, she thought that selling tea drinks would be a great business in Spain. Her simple thought was a spark that made Blanca and Viktor put together their passion for tea and entrepreneurship to start Tea Crowns.