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Aged Oolong Organic Tea 1998

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Aged Oolong Organic tea comes from a small organic tea plantation located at 1,500 meters above sea level in Nantou, Taiwan. This tea farmer has been devoted to organic farming for over ten years. They do not use any chemical fertilizers or residues in growing and producing tea. 

This is an intense and well rounded tea with a subtle caramel flavor and strong smoke aroma. The leaves are tight ball shaped and have dark brown color with red tones. Aged oolong is heavily oxidized, roasted and has a rich full-bodied flavor. The liquid is clear and bright and has a deep red color.

This organic tea farm is not only certified by Taiwan Government but also by IMO and JAS. This supplier produces all their teas in an environment irrigated by pure headwaters which are surrounding Jade Mountain. This kind of environment and practices produce tea that is natural and aromatic with smooth and sweet taste.

  • Certificates: CAS Organic, APACC Organic Products, SGS


Gong Fu Style

leaves: 6 g

water: 150 ml, 95°C 

time: 30 sec

Western Style

leaves: 3 g

water: 150 ml, 95°C 

time: 30 sec



Regardless the brewing style, you can re-steep tea and get many servings of tea from just one serving of leaves. If you are going to do so, be careful not to oversteep the tea.

We highly recommend using filtered water; do not use tap water. Water quality affects tea taste!

*  Use this guide just as a starting point and try different ways to get your best cup of tea.